Funny evening

Had a very funny evening tonight.

My mum voice messaged me on whatsapp telling me how long our trip to Taiwan is. Drummer man wanted to say hi to my mum so I taught him to say “how are you? I’m Ash” in Cantonese. Everytime he tries to talk in Cantonese I just crack up. It’s so funny.  My mum and Ash ended up having a mini conversation! I literally had a laughing fit and I could not breathe. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed like that in ages!

The photo below was when I was mid laughing and Ash just took a photo! Doesn’t he have a lovely little smile too?! I love his smile… He has dimples when smiles. Can’t really see it in the photo though. He doesn’t like having his photo taken so this was a very rare opportunity!


My week

So my week has been very uneventful! Drummer man let me down a couple of times this week. When I finally do see him, he’s sleeping. He might as well not be here! I want to spend time with him but not when he’s bloody sleeping everytime he is round mine!

Went out to dinner with a few friends on Wednesday. That was nice. Went to Wagamamas. One of my friends is leaving our workplace on Friday so that would be a sad day but obviously we will keep in touch!

It’s the start of tax year end at work and we have been told (ages ago) that we will be working 4/5 Saturdays. Fun times. So the first working Saturday will be this week. I haven’t told drummer man yet but I doubt he will notice that I’m at work (if he isn’t staying round mine the day before). This will mean that I only have 1 and half days off a week for a month! Ugh. I’ll be so tired that I wouldn’t want to do anything! So depressing.

So yeah that’s my week in a nutshell. To be honest, I won’t have any interesting blogs for a while (if I’m working all the time). If I do have anything then that would be a huge surprise for me and for you! Ha!

Exciting news!

Oh my god! I had the most exciting news from my mother yesterday!

She messaged me asking if I wanted to go to Taiwan when I take my trip to Hong Kong end of April! Obviously I said yes!

Taiwan is an amazing place for food and oh my god I will definitely be stuffing my face. It’s a beautiful place (if you know where you are going).

You guys won’t be missing out. I will be posting my blogs whilst I’m out there :)

Theatre night

Went to the theatre with drummer man last night and we went to see Edward Scissorhands at the Mayflower in Southampton.

It was a ballet show and I didn’t think I would like it but it was rather good. I didn’t think that you can express yourself so much via dance. I wasn’t too sure what drummer man thought of it but he said he liked it. We had quite good seats too. We were kind of in the middle. Drummer man was worried that he would get pulled on stage! Lol

The costume for Edward was rather impressive and the stage setting was good too. I would definitely recommend anyone to go and watch this :)