Chinese New Year 2018

Where: Shanghai Bay, Southampton

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I wish you all with good health and happiness in the year of the dog.

Today, me and a few friends went to have dim sum lunch and watch a spot of lion dancing.

The lion dancing was my friend’s group from Southampton and I always no doubt see them every year performing the lion dancing.

They were very good as always. The lions colours are always vibrant.

Have you guys been celebrating Chinese New Year? If you have, where did you go celebrate?


Festival of Lights

Where: Watermark, Southampton

Festival of Lights have started again this year in Southampton. They had it in 2017 too and it was a huge hit!

2018 one isn’t as big though but it was still colourful.

They had a colour musical instrument type thing and then there was a colourful geometric maze that you can go in.

Then on the Southampton walls they had fairytale projections; which I loved!

If you’re in Southampton between now and 18th February… I recommend you have a look around 🙂

New role

Oh hey guys!

I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks!

First all…. I’m going to have a new role at work. I’m going to be a Business Change Analyst 😀 it’s only a year secondment but I am still rather excited about it.

This was announced when my work had an Oscars ceremony and my mood was determined on if I got the job or not and I did! So I ended up celebrating! I had a lot of people congratulating me. This is a big thing for me as I’ve been processing for 8 years and this is a big step up to what I want to do!

I am so happy that this year has started big already!

New PB

So I did a park run in Southampton this morning (my last run here was June 2017!) And a I got a new PB!

As I haven’t done the Southampton one in ages and it was a new route for me I thought I wouldn’t do so well.

So my PB is now 32.03! I am so proud of myself! I guess with the runs I do during the week my legs are now getting back into running.

We mainly ran on pavement but then we ended up going into puddly bits and running to the finish line was very wet!!

Lets hope I get another PB next week!

The Italian came to visit!

Our Italian friend came to visit last weekend. It was a rather busy weekend! 


We had dinner at a Chinese/Malaysian restaurant for dinner and then ended up going for a couple drinks at some pubs. 


We went to Highcliffe beach for a walk and lunch. Then we went to a deer park in Bolderwood and we thought we might not see any deers but we saw quite a lot! We then met up with a couple of more friends for dinner at the pub. 

It was a nice weekend and good to see the Sardinia crew back together. Although we did miss 2 more Italians 😦 

I think we are planning a summer get together but watch this space… I need the money first lol 

Park run 

Place: Eastleigh, Southampton 

So I did my first park run in 2018… and I did it in a place I haven’t done before. It was grassy park run; which I’m not used to. 

I ended up doing a little slip whilst running but didn’t go arse over tit (thank God lol) 

My Southampton park run my PB is 32 minutes but for my first Eastleigh run I did it in 36 minutes. I think this was only because of the ground condition. 

I got home and had a nice post run fuel! Scrambled eggs with vine tomatoes and roasted peppers and gherkins (how can I not have gherkins!)