Christmas market week is over :(

So my Christmas market week is over but something exciting is happening.

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I am moving into my new flat. I can now officially confirm I will be a home owner from the 18th December!! I’m so excited.

I will be starting to move little things onto my new flat so at the weekend it will only be the big furniture that needs to be moved in. 

Next weekend is going to be so weird. My cat Gizmo has been to the flat already and i think she approves! We’ll find out when we actually live there! 

I will post how the moving in is getting along! 


London Winter Wonderland 

So this was our last stop, London Winter Wonderland. This was in Hyde Park and it was huge!!! 

Even though it is free entrance we had a to queue a bit as there was a bad search but after that you are free to roam! 

There were chalets, rides and plenty food and drinks. The rides you had to have tokens for you weren’t able to pay by cash. We didn’t go on the rides but we did go on the big wheel to see the view of Wonderland. 

The views were amazing. With all the lights lit up it was just beautiful.

We had a bit of sit and there was a live band playing. So I was just sat there singing and dancing. 

It was a great end to a great Christmas market a week. 

Bath Christmas Market 

I’ve always loved Bath. It’s so pretty and calming. I went to the Christmas market last year and wanted to come back again. 

There were less crowd on a week day which is good. They had more chalets this year too. 

They had a nice little corner where you can have hot food and drink. I obviously had a hot chocolate and Baileys and it was so good! 

The big Christmas tree is outside the Bath Abbey, such a great background for photos.

I would totally recommend Bath. The decorations around Bath are also very pretty! 

Summer 2017 

I know it’s nearly the end of the year but I wanted to tell you about my summer. 

It has been the best summer ever. We were celebrating my friend’s 30th birthday and we went to Sardinia (Sardegna for the Italians 😉 ) 

Sardegna have so many awesome beaches with crystal clear water. Now, I don’t like going into deep water but I did face my fear and ended up going into the sea up to my shoulders. 

I held a starfish and a sea urchin. This was a first for me. The new friends I made, they like diving so they ended up diving for alive/dead things for me. They were both alive, the dead things were the hermit crab shells (which I took home with me).

As I said I above I made some new friends. They are all Italian and I love them to bits. They were all so friendly and it seems like I have known them for ages! 

We rented an apartment and as there wasn’t any Wi-Fi my phone was basically for taking photos. It was so good to not have contact with the outside world and it was so good to socialise/interact with my new friends. 

Brighton Christmas Market

So this was a disappointment. You would think Brighton of all places will have a decent Christmas Market… nope they do no. It was such a shame.

They only has roughly 10/15 chalets and they weren’t all that great. They had 1 bratwurst chalet and a chalet for drinks but I wasn’t able to get my hot chocolate and Baileys 😦 

The other decorations around Brighton were great but such a shame about the market. 

I wish they can maybe up their game doe next year. So if anyone is going this year, my advice, don’t.

Birmingham Christmas Market 

Now this is a Christmas market you want to go to. It is in the top ten you have to visit (I read this is the good food show magazine). It is huge and it has so many bars. 

I had a hot chocolate and Baileys drink and a cinnamon and sugar pretzel. I even kept the mug the drink was in.

I think I would recommend going on a weekday as the weekend is VERY busy!! So many people and I don’t really like crowds at the best of times!