Moving date!

A week today is my moving day!! I move into my flat on 7th August! How exciting!

I’ve moved a little bit of my stuff already into my flat when I had a day off. I was in there measuring things and making sure the things I want to buy can fit!

I’m kind of nervous as it’s my first flat and the fact I hate shopping doesn’t bode well haha

Ash’s dad will be helping on the Friday to get my stuff from Ikea to the flat :) at least it is flat packed but then we have the dawnting task of building a bed and a sofa bed :/ my Friday night will consist of building!

I’m determined to be sleeping in the flat on Friday night as it is our first night in the flat. Even if we don’t have the bed I will sleep on the floor!

More updates next week :D

Good news!

Hello! Sorry for the 3 months silence! It’s been a very busy and emotional 3 months but I do have good news!

Me and Ash (known as drummer man on here) are moving into a little cosy flat in 18 days! :D although 18 days is still quite a while yet I’m rather excited to move in!

The landlord is very relaxed and even let us paint the flat if we wanted to. You never find a landlord like that. Oh I forgot to say this is a private rental so that’s why the landlord is relaxed.

Our next door neighbour, Elsa, is a lovely lady! She has a dog called Hugo and he’s so cute! She’s the lady who gets in touch with the landlord when things goes tits up.

The previous girl who rents the place is actually a friend of a friend. So that’s why I’ve gotten a flat so quickly! Eek!

I will keep you updated with my moving ventures! I can’t wait to decorate the flat and just spend time with Ash in our little place :)

Ciao for now xx

Food photos incoming!

Sorry for the silence guys! I haven’t had any wifi since I’ve been in Taiwan! I’m sleeping at my aunts tonight and she has wifi so yay!!! First thing I did was upload photos on Facebook haha!

Ok so here are the food I have had so far! Yes there are quite a lot of food and I can tell I have put a bit of chub on aswell!

I literally haven’t stopped eating (unless I’m asleep) for 4 days! My first day in Taiwan we went out for dinner and it was epic! We had like 13 dishes! My family were like “we can takeaway some back home if we don’t finish” and I’m was like nah!

I’m not going to list everything I’ve had. So have look at the photos below. Just ask me any questions about them and I will happily answer them (if I know the answer :p)







1 hour and half plane journey

We’ve arrived in Taiwan, yay!

The plane journey was only an hour and a half and we still got food :D

We had fried rice, some sort of cake, dried fruit chips and apple juice. The fried rice was nice, the rice was nice and soft but it wasn’t piping hot.

Fruit chips we’re ok. A little bit sweet.

I didn’t try the cake as I don’t really eat a lot of cake :/

The Taiwan food journey starts now…. once we get put of the airport :/