ABP Southampton 2018

I did it! I did the 10k ABP Southampton yesterday and I think I died a little bit. It was so hot!!!

I was trying to aim to beat my 10k Race for Life.. But I didn’t 😦 although I was only 3 minutes over; which isn’t bad!

The atmosphere was amazing and I was buzzing when I crossed the finish line as people were cheering you on. Throughout the whole 10k route there were people lining the streets encouraging you to keep going.

I haven’t decided if I will be doing it again next year.. So hold this thought!


Masterchef UK 2018

Who watches Masterchef UK? I am obsessed with it. As I love food, Masterchef is the best program I love to watch. It can be either the amateurs, professionals or celebrity. I love them all.

This years was epic. From the start everyone in the knockout stages were fab! I had 3 that stood out for me; George, Moonira and Nawamin. George did classic cooking with his own twist. Moonira did amazing and good looking Indian and Nawamin did awesome Thai food.

When George and Moonira left the competition, I was rooting for Nawamin to win.

Sadly, he didn’t win. Kenny did. Kenny also did great food but I think Nawamin did food that noone else would cook and it was something I never seen before on Masterchef.

It was so emotional watching it this year as John Torode got emotional when he tastes David’s dessert. It was an apple crumble done as mille feuille. It looked stunning!

Now the amateurs are finished I cannot wait for the professionals and the celebrity Masterchef.

It’s official…

I will be running the 10k at ABP Southampton.

My running pack arrived on Saturday. I haven’t trained as much as I wanted to but I’ve ran a 10k before without training and I did that in an hour and 16 minutes. I think I should be OK!

My run is in April 22nd… I will update you then on how I did and I’m sure I will have some horrendous photos of me running that I will share with you guys!


…. My old work team and today they gave me my leaving presents. It’s good to say that they all know me so well. They know the chocolates and sweets that I like to eat and what kind of jewellery I like.

The best presents were my ring and the tree of lollipops! The humour “you suck for leaving us” haha. The ring is my sort of style as I tend to not buy normal style rings. The ring was from Daisy Jewellery.

I’m going to miss them so much my little work family but as they are only 4 floors above me… I can always go and bug them!

Easter 2018

So my Easter 2018 consists of lots of junk food and watching Netflix with my best friend.

I don’t really eat chocolate so Easter eggs are lost on me! So junk food and sweets is where its at! The food are all from Yau Brothers; which is a Chinese supermarket in Southampton. I love it there.

We have so far watched Deadpool and Couples Retreat. Now going to start on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… So far it has been a really good and just spending time with my best friend.

Hello Fresh

So I’ve been using Hello Fresh for nearly a year now and it has been so easy!

For people who don’t know what it is; basically you can choose how many you want to cook for (I chose 2 people as it’s only me), then you pick 3 out of the 8 meals that you want to cook for that week. Once chosen, it will get delivered to you on your chosen day. Simple!

You pay the 3 meals weekly and if you don’t want to do 1 week you can just skip it (this is on the Hello Fresh app).

So in the box you are given your 3 meals and all the ingredients. These are separated into individual brown bags; which are colour coded and then you have your recipe cards that you follow.

I think I’ve don’t about 20 odd recipes now. The meals don’t take long to cook so after a long day at work you can just simply rustle something up.

So today I cooked hoisin chicken stir fry with egg noodles. This was really quick to make and so yummy!

When I chose for 2 people, it means I can have the leftovers for lunch for work the next day! Bonus!

I will try and post other recipes when I do them.