Sunday food day!

So you know people say Sunday is fun day? Well I think I’m going to rename it to Sunday food day! Today I had epic food! I did have yoga this morning which was good and then I had to pick up my mother to go into town. This is the beginning of my epic food Sunday!

So first off I treated my mother to a McDonalds breakfast. I haven’t had one of these breakfasts in ages. As you can see below I had a bacon and egg McMuffin and it came with a hash brown. I also had a hot chocolate with my breakfast. It was a rather lush breakfast.


Then for lunch a had Cheung Fun. This is eaten in Hong Kong and China sometimes for breakfast but I had it for lunch. I had it with dark soy sauce and hoi sin sauce. Yum!


Then after lunch me and my mum made won tons. It was fun. I helped my mum to prepare the ingredients and then we wrapped them all up one by one. These aren’t the fried won tons but these are the ones where you cook them in a broth.


Then after the epic won ton making session I thought I would treat my self to an amazing Hong Kong snack. To you it’s just a normal packet of crisps but to me it’s my childhood snack when I go to Hong Kong. They are so good, they are hot and spicy and has just enough crunch to them. This was all washed down with a Fosters Radlers.


Lastly, when I said before the won tons you cook in the broth… well below is what I had for dinner! So in the broth we have egg noodles, won tons, seaweed, bamboo shoots and pak choi.


So yeah, my Sunday has been full of childhood food and just yummy food. I have a rather happy tummy :D


So I might be taking up boxing for fitness! I think it might be good just in case someone attacks me! Ha

It’s at a gym called Exile Gym. That’s where my cousin’s Wushu classes take place. This gym does quite a lot of classes. MMA, pole dancing etc.

I think I just want to try out boxing to see how it is. It would build up muscles in my arms. I think I may start the class when my mum leaves as that’s the only time I can actually start it!

I also had sad news on Friday when I went to my normal gym sessions; my core and pump instructor is leaving in 2 weeks :( the last class is going to be so sad but I wish her luck doing her uni course!

I got yoga on Sunday, I’m looking forward to it. Then after yoga mother and I will be making won tons! I will do another blog for that one! I’m excited!

Yoga Sunday

My first yoga session today and lets just say I feel really relaxed. I thought I was going to be the only beginner but there were others that were too (thank god)

It was actually really fun. We did breathing exercises and balancing exercises. I need to work on my balancing!

I need some advice; do I buy a yoga dvd to work on my yoga or shall I wait until every Sunday to do yoga? I’m not sure what to do. Any advice would be great :)

Street food

I do love a bit of street food. Me and my mum went into town for a few bits and before we drove to Chichester we thought we would try some Indian street food.

I had chicken jalfrezi and mum had lamb rogan josh. Both curries were rather nice. My jalfrezi was little bit spicy but it wasn’t “burn my mouth” spicy. My mum’s lamb was nice and the fall off the bone meat was rather lush.

We then ordered a meat and a vegetable samosas. They didn’t have a lot of flavour to it but it wasn’t horrendous. It was still edible.

It was a good price aswell for street food. We will definitely eat it again.




2 gym classes

I went to do 2 gym classes tonight! I went to a core class and then my usual pump class. I think doing 2 classes in a row has killed me a little bit.

The core class was interesting. It was mainly based around ab work and balancing. I didn’t fall over when I was doing the balancing bits (which is a bonus). The ab work was quite hard, I couldn’t keep up :( but I think I will get there.

I’ve got a yoga class on Sunday. My first time doing yoga so it should be interesting. It’s the gym’s first yoga class so let’s hope I enjoy it and just keep going. It’ll be nice to relax on a Sunday morning doing yoga :)

Wagamamas lunch

Where: Whiteley

Had lunch with the mother at Wagamamas. We had lollipop king prawns for starter and then I had coconut seafood broth with rice noodles and my mum had yaki soba.

The king prawns were ok, not much flavour. The one I had in Southampton had much more flavour to it. The coconut seafood broth was ok too. The broth was nice but they didn’t cook the rice noodles properly; which was disappointing.

The last time I went to the Whiteley branch it was nice but don’t know what happened today!

Usually I rate Wagamamas, but this Whiteley restaurant isn’t up to scratch. I prefer the Southampton branch.